Our community is made up of three different households all right next door to eachother,

There are several different ways of being involved with in our community from coming to book studies and potlucks, to becoming a residential member. We primarily welcomed residents who are looking to join us in our work. Occasionally we also welcome longer term guests (2 weeks-6 months). Residential opportunities are given to an apprentice member for a one year term. After the apprenticeship the apprentice may apply to stay on and become a "Partner member".

The process for joining: 

  1. Meet us:
    1. Monday night potluck 6PM. do your best to meet everyone, feel free to come several to get a feeling about who we are.
    2. After we show you through our community documents.
  2. Fill out the application below.
  3. Come to a second Monday potluck with a group interview after.
  4. Background check. (~$15, you will be sent a link with login and payment instructions.)
  5. Both you and the community pray about if this a good fit and make a choice, typically within a week.

Weather you are able to join as a residential member at this time or not, we hope that you find Genesis to be a place where you can meet Jesus, be filled with rest and find friends who care for you.