There are as many way to tell the history as there are people who have been apart of the community.


This is one way it was experienced.

pre-2001 - There once were some singles living in different "community houses" loosely associated with Salvage Yard Church and Source Ministries, and while it was great living with friends, there was no structure.

2001 - Eventually a couple of these people got married and purchased a house near Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis, which would become the Greenhouse.

2003 - In an effort to become more intentional in their daily walk with Jesus, this couple began working with Source and started the "Greenhouse". This was a landing spot for women in transition and the staff of the ministry. We quickly outgrew this space and purchased the current building to continue growing this vision. During this time, we started 'Monday Night Potluck' for our neighbors that continues today.

2005 - The Greenhouse ran into trouble with the city for running "supportive housing" because of these reasons and others, we broke ties with Source and converted the building to be a legal duplex, with the thought that if we were Christians living together, we didn't need a 'program' in order to do ministry.

2007 - Through potlucks, common friends, and Source, the Greenhouse met another couple who were excited about the prospect of community living. However, as they had pets they were not a good fit for this house. So they started another Christian community expression about 2 miles south.  Eventually, this group would become Ecclesia. 

2011- The Greenhouse experienced its first "Visitation," realizing that since departing ways with Source, our common vision had been a little undefined. The transition from a program to a community had been difficult, but some of our members from this time have persisted until today. This began our relationship with "Reba place fellowship" and the "Nurturing communities Project" which have been a great encouragement to us ever since.

2012 - After more than a year of negotiations, Ecclesia, directly north of the Greenhouse was purchased with the vision of becoming an independent intentional christian community. Quickly, we took down the fence and started sharing yards.

2013 - Greenhouse hosted a book study on the "Intentional christian community handbook."  Through this study, our vision for a more united community began to grow. Those of us who began working toward this common vision called ourselves "Genesis Communities," with the hope to unite and support these independent communities,

2014 - A group of us from Genesis pooled our resources and purchase the house to the south of the other two, which we call the Laverne. Our idea was this would be the first piece of commonly-owed property. The Laverne also became a new independent community with its own rhythms.

2017 - Genesis, recognizing the need to become one cohesive community. After several years of working on a common covenant it was completed, in June 2017 we began re-identifying as Genesis Communities, with one shared checking account for all housing and ministry expenses, one covenant, one community.

2019 - Recognizing we are an expression of church, Genesis files its 501c3 paper work and prays it will be accepted! (maybe by fall?)