April, 2018 Genesis Community Retreat with David Janzen

April, 2018 Genesis Community Retreat with David Janzen

Andrew -  Family and community are strong callings in my life.  I also enjoy a good round of cards with friends, helping others with plumbing or construction projects, fire juggling, journaling, and hiking.

Sara - Jesus, Family, Fellowship, Justice, Forgiveness, Restoration, Community, Grace, Mercy, Peace, Joy, Love.

Andrew, Sara, Zeke, Leif & Fern


Elisha- I enjoy being outdoors- mostly in warmer weather- laughing, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, reading books- I like stories about people- and most of all, I love Jesus and sharing all the wonderful things He has done.


Jon - I like to tell true stories and have a number of them. I really like talking through "stuff" with people, whether it be something they are trying to figure out or something they are trying to overcome. Jon@GenesisCommunities.org

Bliss-  I tend to be a busy bee whether it's gardening, chickens, bees, sewing, knitting, or working out. Check out my Business HomesteadingBliss. Though I have many hobbies, I also value slowing down and finding times of refreshment in nature and reading the Bible.

Bliss & Jon (Soren and Scarlet not pictured)

Allison- Greetings!  I'm Allison.  I'm passionate about good communication + my faith & accountability with fellow Christ followers.  Additionally, I enJOY bright colors, UPlifting music (with sweet base) and QT with those close to me.


Josiah 12.03.2017.JPG

Josiah - My life is about loving Jesus and being loved by him. Within that I enjoy a lot of walking and experiencing life in the city: the parks and different restaurants especially, but also the cafes, neighborhoods, and landmark sites. I'm passionate about urbanism, architecture, Jesus, people, and culture. I enjoy a lot of things, but I'd say it doesn't get better than an evening combining good company, good food, and good music. 


Adam P.jpg

Adam- I grew up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea, learning three languages, but I am best known for everything I haven't said. I enjoy watching classic movies and exploring new places.



Emily- Remember when you were a kid and every day you wanted to be something different when you grew up? I'm still figuring out what kind of grown-up I want to be. But for the moment I love physics, poetry, and puns. I prefer nonfiction over fiction, tea over coffee, and the oxford comma to the wrong kind of comma. In my experience, community life is both a pain in the neck and the best thing there is- come check it out. 


Libby-  I think I could play board games every day and still be happy about it- add in some good music, sushi, coffee and pals- THAT would be a spectacular time!

Liam, Ellie, Libby & Ian


Hey!  I'm John.  I'm just your neighborhood friendly Christian.  I'm big into music, art, and anything creative.  Hope to see you around!



Anna- I'm a "quarter a century" young girl, originally from Boston, loving community at Genesis and in Minneapolis!  Ask me more at potluck!



Thor -  Helping out and being available for people is important to me.  I find it intriguing how people communicate and work stuff out together. 

Mary -  Listening and walking through life and death with people are important to me

Thor and Mary, Genesis Board Members



Mitch-  I enjoy living in community because there are usually people around to connect with.  In my free time, I like to go to coffee shops and travel.



Frankie-  When I'm not being captured doing the "mundane looking down at my phone while out with a friend," I can be found in the kitchen or living room with something scrumptious in hand, contemplative about life... Hipster?  No, I'm not white enough for that.


Sam Snyder.jpg

Sam- I am passionate about knowing God and making him known. I grew up in Mexico and I have spent the last 18 years living, learning, and ministering here in the United States. I have been shaped by many ministry experiences from Mexico to the USA, from Bible school to Grad school, from small towns to big cities, from failed ventures to successful ones, from youth pastor to church planter…but the experiences I love the most are being a husband to Sarah and a father to five kids.

Sam- Genesis Board Member


Phil – They don’t call me Adventure Phil for nothing! Things I like to do in my free time include rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking and hiking. I also sometimes do things like play board games or host murder mystery parties.  No one really knows if I’m an introvert or an extrovert but regardless, I LOVE living in community.