June 2017 Genesis Community Members

June 2017 Genesis Community Members

Andrew -  Family and community are strong callings in my life.  I also enjoy a good round of cards with friends, helping others with plumbing or construction projects, fire juggling, journaling, and hiking.

Sara - Family and youth drive me, lately I have also been exploring my evangelistic teaching gifts.  When I'm not busy with those, art, friends and wine make for a fine evening.

Andrew, Sara, Zeke, Leif & Fern

Jon - I like to tell true stories and have a number of them. I really like talking through "stuff" with people, whether it be something they are trying to figure out or something they are trying to overcome. Jon@GenesisCommunities.org

Bliss-  I tend to be a busy bee whether it's gardening, chickens, bees, sewing, knitting, or working out. Check out my Business HomesteadingBliss. Though I have many hobbies, I also value slowing down and finding times of refreshment in nature and reading the Bible.

Bliss & Jon (Soren and Scarlet not pictured)

Allison- Greetings!  I'm Allison.  I'm passionate about good communication + my faith & accountability with fellow Christ followers.  Additionally, I enJOY bright colors, UPlifting music (with sweet base) and QT with those close to me.


Libby-  I think I could play board games every day and still be happy about it- add in some good music, sushi, coffee and pals- THAT would be a spectacular time!

Liam, Ellie, Libby & Ian


Thor -  Helping out and being available for people is important to me.  I find it intriguing how people communicate and work stuff out together. 

Mary -  Listening and walking through life and death with people are important to me

Thor and Mary, Genesis Board Members


Anna- I'm a "quarter a century" young girl, originally from Boston, loving community at Genesis and in Minneapolis!  Ask me more at potluck!



Mitch-  I enjoy living in community because there are usually people around to connect with.  In my free time, I like to go to coffee shops and travel.



Frankie-  When I'm not being captured doing the "mundane looking down at my phone while out with a friend," I can be found in the kitchen or living room with something scrumptious in hand, contemplative about life... Hipster?  No, I'm not white enough for that.